Photonic integrated circuit design and prototyping.
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Photonic Foundry Technical Report

Published - January 2018

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Backed up by our privileged long term relationship with all the major foundries, this report provides an extensive technical coverage of manufacturing providers of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs).VLC Photonics has the expertise to deliver with this report the tools you need to make the right foundry selection in terms of required functionalities, cost, performance, timing, reliability and yield.

Whether you are planing to prototype an R&D PIC or take a PIC into mass production, you will be able to compare different manufacturing alternatives through a comprehensive collection of the several foundries' capabilities, equipment, manufacturing technologies, facility locations and devices examples. Furthermore, with this report you also have the option to optimize your budget by purchasing only the specific chapter regarding the material platform you are interested in.

DISCLAIMER: No confidential foundry information is given in this report, this will require a separate NDA with the corresponding foundry.