PIC Characterization Training

Photonic device characterization is necessary to classify thouse Known-Good-Dies (KGD) passing the yield-criteria after fabrication; which can make a substantial difference in product scaling plans. Besides, the production cycle time usually initiates with a proof-of-concept design to verify and iterate in some functionalities with subsequent refined iterations. Comprehensive testing is required for consistent decisions and root-cause-analysis methods to debug results. 

This 3-day training course provides industry, especially those involved in photonic product development, with the fundamental technical skills in bare-die characterization flows: from practical insights into testing processes, chip handling, active optical alignment, and instrumentation operation. It also provides an overview of testing approaches and equipment and reliability factors which are critical parts of the total manufacturing ecosystem. 

VLC Photonics

This unique industry ‘hands-on’ training programme provides attendees with access to state-of-the-art facilities, materials and equipment, with dedicated tutorials and mentoring for technical experts. 

This training is proudly sponsored by Photon-HUB. 

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PIC Characterization Training at VLC Photonics | Innovation academy | PHOTONHUB Ecosystem 


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