Photonic integrated circuit design and prototyping.


All main integration platforms


into a single photonic chip



VLC Photonics offers its services to several companies and researchers from different fields like:

  • telecom/datacom,
  • sensing,
  • quantum,
  • metrology,
  • LIDAR,
  • biophotonics.

VLC Photonics is a fabless company that offers different solutions exploiting the advantages of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

We are able to provide either turn-key solutions making use of photonic integration or specific services along the whole development process.


Consultancy notebook office
Backed through our years-long expertise on optical systems, VLC Photonics provides system-level engineering services to enable the exploration of photonic
PIC design layouts
Based on your technical specifications, VLC Photonics can design a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that implements the required functionalities on
Wafer manufacturing process
VLC Photonics can manufacture any photonic circuit design for the main material platforms (InP, GaAs, SOI, SiO2/PLC, Si3N4/TripleXTM) through its
Chip testing and characterization
After fabrication, chips from the corresponding foundry can be fully characterized at our own in-house facilities. Physical as well as
PIC packaging
As an independent solution provider, VLC Photonics works with many packaging companies, each of them providing different services and capabilities.
PDK wafer level
VLC Photonics can work side by side with foundries to develop a photonic Process Design Kit (PDK). This PDK can
Since 2015 VLC Photonics has been delivering Photonic Integration related courses. Its expertise in the photonics field has allowed our