Photonic integrated circuit design and prototyping.

Silicon Nitride Foundries

Silicon Nitride (SiN) has attracted a great interest in the photonic field over the last decades, opening a breakthrough in the telecom, sensing non-linear optics and biophotonic fields.

The purpose of this document is to compile and offer a particular overview of the current foundry service providers for photonic integrated circuits fabricated based on silicon nitride, a material whose properties may offer advantages compared to others photonic substrates.

VLC Photonics, as a fabless design and test house, has developed over the years a nourishing relationship with the major foundries that provide PIC's fabrication service. This document brings you a one-stop reference guide with technical and administrative information regarding the different SiN foundries’ facilities, technology capabilities, photonic processes, contacts information as well as photonic circuit development.

This report contains information about 20 international foundries, 9 brokers in 140+ pages & more than 600 references.

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DISCLAIMER: No confidential foundry information is given in this report, this will require a separate NDA with the corresponding foundry.
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