PIC Design

VLC Photonics specializes in designing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) tailored to your technical specifications and requirements. As a fabless and independent design house, our expertise is in all the key material platforms such as Silicon photonics (SOI, SiN, SiO2/PLC), III-V materials (InP, GaAs, etc.), and cutting edge platforms like Thin film Lithium Niobate (TFLN), BTO, polymers, AlO2 or Graphene. Our proficiency extends to various design software frameworks and toolboxes with industry leading EDA solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Broad Photonic Material Expertise:
    Proficiency in III-V semiconductors and Silicon Photonics, enabling versatile design options.
  • Proprietary Modules and Libraries:
    We utilize our proprietary modules and libraries of functional building blocks, ensuring optimal performance for your application, and minimizing risks.
  • Industry Standards:
    Adherence to industry-standard design practices for manufacturability, testability, and packaging.
  • Confidentiality and IP Security:
    Your intellectual property is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security, always ensuring freedom to operate.


Our offerings:

  • Custom Design Service:
    We offer modelling, simulation, and design and layout of proprietary photonic components and circuits, extending beyond standard libraries provided by foundries. 
  • Layout Service:
    Expert layout services for complex photonic integrated circuits. Foundry design rule checking (DRC), Layout vs. schematic (LVS) and Testing and packaging design rules are taken into account for final layout.
  • Design Support:
    Engineering support for your in-house design team, covering design, layout, DRC tasks, overall review, and advice on design for manufacturing, testing, and packaging, always in a secure IP environment.

PDK Development:
Customized Process Design Kit (PDK) implementations tailored to your specific PIC manufacturing platform, either for foundries or for end-user private component libraries.

Moreover, VLC Photonics has developed its own proprietary modules and libraries of functional building blocks, guaranteeing always the best performance and optimal design technology match to minimize risks.

We comply with industry standard design techniques for manufacturability, testability and packaging. Moreover, your intellectual property will always be confidential and secured, and any IP developed through the integration process can be transferred to you on demand.

PIC Development

PIC Development