PIC Packaging

As an independent solution provider, VLC Photonics works with many packaging companies, each of them providing different services and capabilities to deliver sophisticate prototyping and initial packaging runs, qualification measurement campaigns or scaling roadmaps.

If you are willing to jump into volume manufacturing, we can also be of help by collaborating with our Hitachi High-Tech partner companies to accelerate the time-to-market for your packaging project. In other words, within Hitachi-High-Tech Group, VLC can introduce your scaling project to OSAT partners and engage with Hitachi for the provision of the assembly components in volume.

Example of our partner capability:

・Eutectic or Epoxy Die Bonding:
Utilization of eutectic or epoxy die bonding techniques to secure the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) in the packaging.

・Thermal Control:
Implementation of thermal control mechanisms to regulate and manage the temperature within the packaging.

・DC and RF Connections, RF Routing Design:

Expertise in establishing direct current (DC) and radiofrequency (RF) connections, along with the design of RF routing for optimal performance.

・Micro Optic Components:

Integration of micro-optic components such as lenses, circulators, and other elements to enhance functionality.

・Wire bonding, Ribbon Bonding, and Flip-Chip:

Application of wire bonding, ribbon bonding, and flip-chip technologies for effective interconnections within the package.

・PCB and Ceramic Subcarrier Design:

Design and incorporation of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and ceramic subcarriers to provide structural support and facilitate connectivity.

・Alignment and Bonding to Standard Single-Mode Fiber, Fiber Arrays, Specialty Fibers:

Precise alignment and bonding processes to ensure compatibility with standard single-mode fibers, fiber arrays, and specialty fibers.

・Standard and Custom Housing, Hermetic Packages:

Offering both standard and custom housing options, including the creation of hermetic packages to protect the PIC.

・External Electronics (TIAs, Drivers, etc.):

Integration of external electronics, such as transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), drivers, and more, to enhance the overall functionality of the PIC.

VLC Photonics ensures the seamless integration of photonic components into tailored packaging solutions, collaborating with packaging experts to deliver high-performance and reliable photonic integrated circuits.

The range of options includes:

Eutectic or epoxy die bonding.

·  Thermal control.

·  DC and RF connections, RF routing design.

·  Micro optic components (lenses, circulators, etc.).

·  Wirebonding, ribbon bonding and flip-chip.

·  PCB and ceramic subcarrier design.

·  Alignment and bonding to standard single-mode fiber, fiber arrays, specialty fibers.

·  Standard and custom housing, hermetic packages.

·  External electronics (TIAs, drivers, etc.).

PIC Test Assemblies

VLC Photonics offers in-house standard and custom demo PIC test assemblies and chip-on-carrier/board for easy functional testing purposes. Those PIC test assemblies can include:

  • PIC bonding into PCB or ceramic carriers with DC and RF operation
  • Fiber array pig-tailing
  • Electrical wire-bonding & flip-chip
  • Connectorization
  • Thermal management

This work has been partially funded by the “Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital” under the project “Nuevas Tecnologías de Acoplo y Ensamblado optoelectrónico para Circuitos Integrados Fotónicos (TAECIF)”, expediente No TSI-100911-2019-3.

PIC Development

PIC Development