Since 2015

VLC Photonics has been delivering Photonic Integration related courses. Its expertise in the photonics field has allowed our engineers to master the development process of photonic integrated circuits. This has been materialized in personalized and scheduled trainings twice a year. Find out on the previous and upcoming scheduled trainings in our news section.

At VLC Photonics, we understand the diverse needs of our clients. To this end, we provide on-demand private training sessions specifically tailored to your unique requirements in PIC technology. These sessions are designed not only to augment our standard training offerings but also to address specific educational and industrial challenges. By doing so, we ensure that every participant acquires the precise knowledge and skills necessary to advance in this rapidly evolving field. Our commitment is to deliver an educational experience that is as unique as the needs of those we serve, paving the way for innovation and success in the photonics industry.»