Photonic integrated circuit design and prototyping.

Technical Reports

With over a decade of experience as a fabless photonic design house, specialized in offering independent services for the development of custom Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for many end applications, VLC Photonics is now releasing a compilation of photonic foundries and packagers, gathering all the main global players and their capabilities into separate industry reports.

VLC Photonics has the expertise to deliver with these reports the tools you need to make the right foundry selection in terms of required functionalities, cost, performance, timing, reliability and yield. Whether you are planing to prototype a R&D PIC or take a PIC into mass production, you will be able to compare different manufacturing alternatives through a comprehensive collection of the several foundries' capabilities, equipment, manufacturing technologies, facility locations and devices examples.

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Silicon Photonics Foundries Report

Indium Phosphide Foundries Report

Silicon Nitride Foundries Report

PLC Foundries Report

Photonic Packaging Technical Report